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If you suffer from hair loss, thinning hair and receding hair, but still want to regain your hair and confidence, feel free to contact us and get the hair you deserve in Bogota, Colombia

Dr. Adriana Gómez

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Hair Transplant Bogota

All Inclusive Package

We are the only company that offers an all-inclusive package for one price, including FUE hair transplant, accommodation, transportation, attached private guide who speaks English, Spanish, Italian & Portuguese and more.

Best Savings

We know that such complex surgeries can be very expensive and even cost tens of thousands of dollars. Here with us, this savings is felt right from the start.‏

F.U.E. Technic

Our experts are specialized in Follicular Unit Extraction surgeries which is the best technique in the market, safe surgery, minimum scars and quick recovery.

Top Clinic in Colombia

One of the top clinics in Colombia, with over 10 years of experience, located in the capital of Colombia
Bogota D.C.

Dr. Adriana Gómez

Dr. Adriana Gómez2

Dr. Adriana Gómez and her team were among the first to introduce hair transplant surgeries to the country, they are also among the most professional and experienced in Colombia

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Before & After

After we have already taken care of more than thousands of our satisfied customers who performed hair transplantation through us, see for yourself the incredible results of some of our clients  
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Hair Transplant Colombia BEFORE 11

F.U.E Hair Transplant 3500 Hair Graft

Hair Transplant Steps

(1) Do your own research

Check the competitors around the web, what kind of surgeries are available, what you think is best for you, price comparisons, this is for you to make the best decision for yourself

(2) Talk to an agent and get a quote

You must have all the relevant information for you, our agents will help and answer all the questions you need to provide you with the most professional service

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(3) Arrival to Colombia – Bogota

After the arrival date, flight times and surgery schedule have been agreed between our agents, one of our English-speaking guides will wait for you at the airport and guide you throughout the process

(4) Time for surgery

We only use FUE technic, chances of success are very high, minimal pain and quick recovery process, the doctor and the guide will accompany you throughout the surgery process

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(5) Rest and recuperate

After the surgery, the skin and the new hair follicles must be allowed to rest and recover from the surgery, this usually takes between 3-7 days, with post-surgery supervision by the doctor

(6) Enjoy your new look!

Initial results after 4-6 months, full results after 10-12 months, and after that you can finally enjoy your natural, lush and younger new hair looking

Colombian healthcare Cerfiticacion

Colombian healthcare Cerfiticacion Dr Adriana Gomez

Colombia Hair Transplant

Discover the power of Colombia Hair Transplant

Our team of experts offer world-class service and cutting-edge technology to help you achieve the look you desire

At Colombia Hair Transplant, we understand that every patient has unique needs and desires. That’s why we offer personalized care and attention to each patient, so that we can provide the best possible experience.

Bogota Hair Transplant

The central clinic is located in the newest and modern building called “Torre Sigma” located in the capital city of Colombia, Bogota D.C.
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Torre Sigma Bogota


First of all, contact one of our agents, they will examine your scalp through photos and videos, ask about your medical history and explain to you what your condition is and what options can be done for you

Our agents send the material to the doctor, she and her team will examine the photos and videos and return you a medical opinion according to the condition of the scalp, the donor area and the age and will inform you if it is possible to perform the surgery with a reasoned explanation and the amount of hair follicles for transplantation according to the situation

It depends on your hair follicles, but usually between 7-9 hours

During the operation it does not hurt because the transplant area is anesthetized, after 2 days you feel small pains that go away after 1-2 days

There is very high competition and many clinics, but unfortunately many of the clinics are of poor quality and it is very difficult to know who is reliable and high-quality, we offer a world-class hair transplant in Colombia with a cost of approximately $5000-$6000 for the all-inclusive package including flights, accommodation and an English-speaking guide attached from the moment of landing.

Colombia is the most developing country in general in plastic and cosmetic surgery, it is known for its high professionalism, its cheap price and the high awareness of service, the field of hair transplantation is a pioneer in Colombia and many decide to come here to perform the surgery to receive a high level of service at a reasonable price

Our company is the only one in the field that leads an all-inclusive package at one price, we know that those who do not know Spanish will have a hard time in Colombia, so we have solved all the problems for you, we book the flights for you there and back, all transportation services starting from the airport, the hotel and the clinic are included and accommodation in a 4-5-star hotel Nearby and most importantly, an English-speaking guide who will accompany you throughout the process

  • Contact our agancy
  • Dates are set for flights and surgery
  • Arriving to Colombia at the main airport in Bogota D.C. EL DORADO
  • The agent receives you and explains the whole process to you during the day
  • Preparation is done before surgery, with instructions and explanations from the doctor
  • Perform the surgery (usually take 7-9 hours)
  • Recovering in the hotel
  • The doctor receives you to check you after surgery
  • After the surgery was successful and the recovery was done, you can go home safely with new hair

Our company only performs the F.U.E technique. Which has been proven to be effective, safe and cause minimal scarring

FUE is a shortcut that means Follicular unit extraction, Its uniqueness is that they are transplanted according to follicles on the donor side in order to transfer to the transplanted side, this involves minimal pain and there are almost no scars It is a relatively new technique and has gained a lot of popularity due to its minimal scarring and quick recovery time. FUE is a great option for those looking to restore their hair in an efficient manner with natural-looking results. With FUE, patients can expect to achieve full coverage of balding areas with minimal downtime and discomfort.

After the surgery, as part of the doctor’s recommendation, it is recommended not to do intensive training in the first month, after that you can gradually return to training according to the doctor’s recommendation

In most cases, initial results can be seen after 4-6 months and full results after 8-12 months

After getting the desired results, your hairline should look full, natural and your face will look younger again

The amount of transplants depends on the quality of the donor hair, how thick your hair is, and also how many grafts can be done surgically according to the doctor’s recommendation, but usually it is between 1500-3500 grafts

No, you don’t have to, the medical team will prepare you in advance for surgery