Dr. Adriana Gómez

About Dr. Adriana Gómez

Adriana has been involved in medicine since 2005 and in the hair transplant since 2011 when this was still relatively new in Colombia

As one of the few selected doctors who specialized in trichology in the country, she has closely followed all the developments, techniques, and innovations in the field of hair transplantation over the years.

Adriana has performed over 1000 hair surgeries during her career with over 10 years of experience in hair transplants.

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One of the Top leading doctors in Colombia that specializes in hair transplantation

Adriana’s academic background:

  • University of Alcalá Madrid Spain – Master Trichology and hair transplantation
  • University Postgraduate – University foundation of health sciences, San Jose Hospital – Dermatologist.
  • Academic – University foundation of health sciences, San Jose – Doctor and Surgeon.

Adriana’s places of work:

  • Depilight LTDA
  • San Joseph Hospital
  • SIE Sua Laser Medicine and Spa
  • New San Sebastian Clinic
  • Adriana Clinic Center
  • Colombian Aesthetic Medicine
  • Hospital San Juan de dios of Zipaquira

Dr. Adriana Gómez has a deep understanding of the complexities of hair transplantation, and she is committed to helping her patients achieve the best possible results, she is renowned hair transplant surgeon based in Bogota, Colombia.

Her work has helped countless people regain their confidence and self-esteem by providing them with the best possible results.

She has become an authority figure in the hair transplant surgerys, and her name is synonymous with excellence and quality care.

She is committed to providing the highest level of care to all her patients, ensuring that they get the best treatment available.

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She is also recognized by the Colombian Ministry of Health as a specialist in aesthetic medicine.

She has practiced for more than 10 years and is highly skilled at doing both surgical and non-surgical hair transplants, including hairline restoration, beard transplant, eyebrow restoration, head transplantation (grafting), scalp reduction (baldness treatment), full-head hair replacement and filler treatments.

Dr. Gómez also offers aftercare services to help patients heal properly after their procedures are completed.